Key Digital's FatCATs distribute HDMI over Ethernet

For those trying to transmit HDMI signals over Ethernet, Key Digital's FatCATs look to be the perfect solution. These baluns reportedly support video resolutions up to 1080p, meet the HDMI 1.3 standards, and are able to convert HDMI signals for transmission over vanilla CAT5 / CAT6 cabling. Moreover, the firm offers up an extender to pass along the digital signals for unusually long distances, and both the transmitting and receiving unit of the Digital FatCAT series are available in either freestanding or wall plate versions -- the latter of which includes an additional coaxial digital audio port. Of course, enabling you to use your pre-installed Ethernet to sling HDMI signals around won't come without a premium, as the transmitters and receivers ring up at $300 to $325 apiece, while a duo of extenders range from $250 to $300.