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Comcast TiVo ready for the public at large?

Darren Murph

We're not getting too stirred up just yet -- after all, we've learned to be instantly disappointed when hearing "Comcast" and "TiVo" in the same breath -- but it seems as though the provider could finally be rolling out TiVo service to the general public. After seeing the technology in the wild and hearing of it being available to select employees, a certain commenter over at ZatzNotFunny has posted a fresh e-mail that seems to suggest that some Comcast customers can get their TiVo on right away. According to the note, exchanging a vanilla HD set-top-box (read: no DVR functionality) for a TiVo DVR will result in a $10.95 charge over and above what the HD box was costing or $2.95 more than a traditional HD DVR. For whatever it's worth, Comcast will also be issuing an $18 "service visit" for this particular installation, but there's no telling if that's universal. Go on -- hit the read link to catch the message in full, and then get on the horn with Comcast and let us know if this stuff is available outside of New England.

[Via TiVo Lovers]

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