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JayBird reveals JB-100 Bluetooth stereo headset, iPod adapter

Darren Murph

Granted, you've got some options out there when scouting a new set of Bluetooth earbuds, but you won't find us kvetching over a little competition in the totally unsaturated market. JayBird is stepping up to the plate with its stylish JB-100, which boasts a built-in microphone for handling handsfree calls, noise / echo suppression technology and 6.5-hours of talk time (5.5-hours when listening to jams). Additionally, the unit is said to be water resistant, and you'll even get a handy charging dock and mesh carrying case should you choose to pick one up. For those clamoring for iPod / DAP support, you can snag one of two adapters (shown after the jump) -- a Made for iPod version that plays nice with dock connector inputs and a vanilla iteration that plugs directly into any 3.5-millimeter audio jack. So, what's all this kit going to cost? Try $129.99 for the headset and $49.99 apiece for the BT adapters, all of which are available right now.

[Via CNET]

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