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Codemasters to continue Wii's mini-game doldrums with Emergency Mayhem

Jason Dobson

Mini-game collections are the bitter spice of life that Wii owners have been forced to swallow time and again during the console's short, but arguably over-enthusiastic life, and while a very small handful of these games have managed to bridge the gap between tedium and genuine fun, we think the bulk of these compilations are better served at keeping sweat rings off the coffee table. The latest to join the Wii's bite-sized militia is Emergency Mayhem from Codemasters, a mini-game extravaganza that asks players to save the unfortunately-named Crisis City from "decidedly slapstick" disaster.

Set for release in the second quarter of 2008, the Wii-exclusive game will let players control police, fire, and paramedic services as they race to save the accident-prone city over the course of 30 time-sensitive missions, which will include such madcap antics as tranquilizing monkeys and using the Wii-remote as a hose to put out fires, which to us just sounds like work, and another day at the office.

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