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Kzero forecasts virtual world growth through 2008

Tateru Nino

UK-based virtual world consulting and research firm Kzero have put out a predictions for virtual worlds for 2008. Note, of course that this covers the 'Metaverse' class of virtual worlds, that is primarily non-game.

The chart they use is a wonderful piece of at-a-glance display, showing age-groups, time of establishment, current population, projected age-groups, and projected populations all in one straightforward (if large) chart.

It's interesting to note that Activeworlds doesn't even rate a mention on the chart, nor does Habbo Hotel.

Obviously the populations given in the chart reflect overall signups rather than active users - the top picks of the worlds represented are (not unexpectedly) Club Penguin and Second Life. The large version of the chart can be found here.

What do you think - will Kzero's predictions hold out through 2008?

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