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Motorola sullies Ferrari's good name with branded Z8

Chris Ziegler

So try and put yourself in a Ferrari owner's shoes, if just for a moment. You're filthy rich; likely too rich for your own good, and possibly rich enough to have extraordinarily eccentric taste. What phone's in your pocket? A mere commoner's Motorola Z8? Of course not -- odds are you're sporting a Vertu or two -- but Moto is hoping to keep you in the fold with a specially branded version of the same, tired, old Z8 that launched nearly a year ago. For what it's worth, the phone features all manner of Ferrari badging, gets slathered in the classic rosso corsa that graces an overwhelming majority of Ferrari's works of rolling art, and features preloaded Ferrari media, but that really doesn't change the fact that it's a flippin' Z8, now does it? Granted, this isn't the first time Motorola has partnered with the legendary Italian marque having pushed out a branded MOTORAZR MAXX V6 back in the day, but something tells us Enzo drivers aren't carrying those, either (just a hunch). Find it in the Ferrari Store and through Moto's European retail channels starting in the first quarter.

[Via Unwired View]

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