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Tales from 2 AM

Matthew Rossi

The hardest thing about playing WoW during the night shift is watching your standards for success drop as people who aren't as demented or as sleep-deprived as I am realize they have to do things like sleep and get up in the morning. Since I know I won't be able to sleep I'm fairly cavalier about it, but as the night transforms into early morning people go from let's clear Heroic Arcatraz to let's try one more time to kill this annoying boss and call it a night. That's right, Zereketh, you know who you are. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so it can be very frustrating for me to tank a boss over and over again and see the DPS dying from stuff I can't do much about, like the Void Zones he keeps spawning right under the clothies' feet, especially when you get the boss to 1% six times in one night.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

I'm sure we all like to do well. And it can be horribly frustrating to bog down in an instance you've cleared flawlessly before: I still don't know why I had the run I like to call the 'Shattering Halls' the day after tanking the entire instance without a single death. The group composition wasn't that different, the players seemed fairly competent, so what magic change caused us to die over and over again? Was it just the magic of a run that lasted till 3 am? (If you want to call it magic, I guess.) I know that tempers fray and attention gets harder to maintain as you get tired, so that could be part of the reason why the priest faked a disconnect. I still find it hard to understand.

Still, I enjoy playing late, and I've had as many good runs as bad in the wee hours, although to be fair I've had less runs period that early. There's just not so many people online at 2 am, sometimes you have to just go to Zul'Aman with six paladins. Yes, I actually did that. No, we didn't do well. Hey, it was four in the morning, I wasn't feeling picky.

Got any stories from the wee hours?

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