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Zoombak's pet, automobile locators officially launch

Darren Murph

It's been a tick since Zoombak's pet locator snuck into the FCC's database, but the time has finally come for the unit to go commercial. The outfit has at long last launched its A-GPS-based locator that can be used in both automotive and pet applications to find your favorite critter anytime of the day or locate your rebellious youngin' who decided to take the family minivan for an extended Sunday drive. Owners of the device can create "safety zones" around particular locations and can be alerted via e-mail / SMS whenever something goes awry. As for pricing, you'll be looking at $199 to keep an extra close eye on Fido or $249 for your vehicle, but don't forget to factor in the $9.99 monthly service fee for "unlimited locating."

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