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ChiliPad keeps your mattress hot, cold

Darren Murph

Sure, we've seen air conditioned beds before, and you may think one of those fancy electric blankets circa 1990 could handle the warming duties, but why not plunk down for one device that handles both extremes? Enter ChiliPad, which, contrary to its name, actually does provide cooling or warming benefits while you snooze. Reportedly, the mattress topper uses water rather than air to generate temperature adjustments, and the company even compares it to a water-cooled computer -- talk about understanding your market, eh? If Chili is to be believed, this thing can be set to cool things down to 65°F or warm 'em up to 100°F, and yes, it does come in single- and dual-zone versions. So, for those who just can't seem to get the thermostat set correctly, you can pick one of these up now for around $479 to $999, depending on size.

[Via Gearlog]

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