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LG's Vaccine USB flash drive keeps your machine disinfected

Darren Murph

We've already taught you to not use syringes USB flash drives that you find on the street, but we know all sorts of unwanted invaders can meander on into your hard drive when you're not looking. Enter LG's aptly-named Vaccine USB flash drive, which comes pre-loaded with anti-virus / malware protection software and provides "real-time system monitoring and hardware scans." Aside from making sure your rig doesn't catch any bugs going around, it also updates itself when plugged in to an internet-connected PC. Regrettably, we've no idea how much these things will cost (nor if Medicare will cover), but they will be offered up in sizes ranging from 512MB to 8GB.

[Via EverythingUSB, image courtesy of Pocket-Lint]

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