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Radiospire showcasing AirHook wireless technologies at CES

Darren Murph

Radiospire and wireless content go hand in hand, so it's almost expected that the firm unveil a few new technologies for us to drool over at CES 2008. Apparently, the outfit will be showcasing two production-ready products based on its 1.6Gbps AirHook wireless HD technology, one of which will "allow consumers to connect multiple high-definition sources" to their HDTV via HDMI without smashing up their wall to run cables. Aside from the aforementioned Wireless HD Theater Hub (pictured), the AirHook Wireless for HDMI cable replacement product (dongle-based) will enable consumers to pass along HDMI signals from components to TVs / receivers sans a cable, but unlike AMIMON's solution, there's no confirmation that either of these are HDCP-compliant. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see what both of these can really do in just a few weeks.

Update: Turns out, this stuff is HDCP-compliant. Thanks, Alex!

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