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The Daily Grind: These are a few of my favorite things

You can tell you're in the den of a gamer when you walk into the computer room/area and the glow from all the extras blinds you. With all the great toys out now for computers, who can resist making their rig even more powerful than before? From the basic extras like headsets for Ventrilo/TeamSpeak, to fancy keyboards/keysets, all the way up to overclocking your entire system, case-modding, or tossing in a water-cooling rig, computers are win for customizable high-powered gaming fun.

Since this is the season for giving and receiving goodies, this morning we thought we'd ask what some of your favorite gaming peripherals are. Personally, my old keyboard is getting toasty, so while I know I'm not getting one under the tree this morning (whenever folks wake up) I plan to pick up a Logitech G15 for my system. How about you? Are there any peripherals out there that you've come to rely on for your gaming experience? Are there any toys on the horizon that you're hoping landed under your tree, or that you're earmarking some of those gift cards for? (And we'd add if you're interested in scoring some free gaming equipment, be sure to check out our Holiday Postcard Contest!)

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