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Coming to the Japanese VC in January: Not MSX games


Nintendo has announced their planned January Virtual Console releases for Japan, and some excellent games are in the lineup. The Miyamoto-developed Devil World is the most noteworthy game in the Famicom lineup, and it's being released just in time to remind everyone who that thing in Smash Bros. is. We're hoping that this Japanese release leads to an international one, of course.

It'll be a good month for Sega, who is releasing the excellent Phantasy Star II and the currently Japan-exclusive Monster World IV, which is basically Wonder Boy VI. Hey, neat, more Wonder Boy (we're not being sarcastic.) As for Phantasy Star II, like many other Genesis games, we'd be a lot more excited about buying it for eight bucks if the Sega Genesis Collection didn't exist.

People who are way into Turbografx-16 strategy games will be pleased to see Neo Nectaris, the TurboDuo sequel to the classic strategy game, and a Japanese exclusive. Maybe it won't be for much longer, either.

Conspicuously absent are the two initial MSX games, EGGY and Aleste, which were listed as releasing in 2007 for all of 2007. In fact, Nintendo's VC web site still has them coming out in 2007. We shouldn't be surprised that they won't hit in January, but we thought it was worth noting that they have officially missed their release year.

The full game list is after the break!

Yie Ar Kung Fu, Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima (Adventure Island), Devil World, Mappy

Super Famicom:
Super R-TYPE

Nintendo 64:
1080 Snowboarding

Mega Drive:
Phantasy Star II
Monster World IV

PC Engine:
CD Denjin: Rockabilly Tengoku (Air Zonk)
Neo Nectaris
Genpei Toumaden
(Samurai Ghost)

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