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Logos Atlas sends a call for casual cryptologists

Chris Chester

One of the interesting, if often ignored, parts of Tabula Rasa's lore are the Logos symbols. Not to be confused with Logos itself - which is said to be the power which controls the very fabric of the cosmos, or Logos abilities - which are TR's version of magic spells, Logos symbols are those little figures that appear on shrines and holy places, and make up the language that is used to tell the stories of the Eloh. Truthfully, their function in the lore is something that I haven't seen players show a terribly large amount of interest in to this point, but from hearing General British himself speak about them, it's easy to tell that they're something he put a good deal of thought into and is quite proud of -- even suggesting that they would make a good universal language for the deaf.

Among the Tabula Rasa resources on the 'net, Logos Atlas is easily the most reliable as it concerns the location of Logos shrines and their meaning. It should already occupy a spot in the bookmarks of any self-respecting member of the AFS. To drum up a bit of interest in their site, Logos Atlas is holding a contest through the end of the year, offering an Ideazon Zboard with a Tabula Rasa keyset and a Tabula Rasa FragMat mousepad for one lucky winner who can successfully decipher three puzzles written using Logos symbols. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is, and we're told nobody has successfully completed them yet. So if you fancy yourself an amateur cryptologist, give the contest a look -- it's free loot after all.

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