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CVG picks the Best and Worst Box Art of 2007

Regardless of your loyalties to any particular console, we think we can all agree that 2007 was a damn fine year for video games as a whole. Every system had a number of well received games over the past year, as reflected by the fairly diverse Game of the Year lists springing up around the video game blogosphere. The gaming industry has grown and further caught the attention of the mainstream business media. A video game broke the one-day entertainment sales record in the States. It was a year that all of us, gamers and professionals alike, can feel very good about.

Except for you, box art designers. While the rest of the video game industry strove to bring their "A game", or rather, their "AAA game" this year, you chose 2007 to be the year when you collectively dropped the ball. Computer and Video Games has a chronicling of your failure; from Shadowrun's poorly drawn case, to the nightmarish box art for Cheggers' Party Quiz; and who could forget the decadently homoerotic cover for Fire Pro Wrestling Returns? Not us. We've tried.

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