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Forbes to name Nvidia its 2007 'Company of the Year'

Forbes Magazine, or, as it's commonly called, "the Champagne of Business Magazines", will reportedly recognize the processor producing powerhouse Nvidia as its 2007 Company of the Year in an early January edition. Sure, we could list the company's many contributions to gaming over the past few years, but companies don't get awards from Forbes for making contributions to gaming -- no, they get Forbes awards for making ridonkulous amounts of cash money, which Nvidia has done hand over fist.

The company's share prices have shot up 2100% since its initial public offering in 1999, and its profits have increased about 50% every year since the company's inception. With an extremely ambitious CEO, and the increasing popularity of these "computer" things, we feel confident saying Nvidia will see continued growth in the upcoming years -- but we'll leave that kind of conjecture up to the big dogs.

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