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Nokia ad features funny looking N95 -- or N95 8GB?

Chris Ziegler

There's something not quite right about this ad for Nokia's N95 spotted on Yahoo! today. For what it's worth, clicking it takes you to Nokia USA's page for the North American N95 -- but first of all, the phone here doesn't look exactly like an N95. Yeah, it obviously is, but what's up with the weird edges? Secondly, there is no such thing as a North American N95 8GB (yet), calling into question the "8gb expandable memory" touted here. Third, if this is an N95 8GB, why isn't it black, and why is the memory called expandable when it's not? We figure Nokia's just trying to advertise the plain old N95-3 here, but golly, let's try to execute a slightly cleaner ad campaign next time, okay, guys?

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