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Last chance to save lemurs with Delicious developer Mike Lee


If a man bills himself as the world's toughest programmer (site may be NSFW, depending on your sensitivity to four-letter or 12-letter words) it's usually a good idea to take notice when he sets his mind to something. Delicious Monster developer Mike Lee has created a campaign to help save the lemur population of Madagascar, by soliciting $100 donations and in return sending the contributor a stuffed lemur, similar to Mike's world-traveling sidekick Thievey.

Your opportunity to do some good, and join the Founding Troop of Club Thievey, closes out at midnight PT tonight. If you were considering a last-minute charitable donation, Mike's cause is a great option -- plus you get a cuddly lemur.

Speaking of charitable donations that expire at midnight: the OLPC Give One-Get One program closes out tonight. For $400, you can send an XO laptop to a needy child and get another one for your local undersized technology consumer. Sure, it doesn't run Mac OS X, but it will blend in nicely with your old clamshell iBook collection.

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