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PS3 Game of the Year, as chosen by other media outlets


Did you hear the news? Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare won Game of the Year on PS3 Fanboy. (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune won the reader's vote.) So, what did other major media outlets pick as their PS3 GOTY? We searched the web and found out.
  • GameDaily chose Call of Duty 4. "The campaign excels where most of its competition fails, delivering a nail-biting experience we couldn't walk away from until the explosive finale."
  • GameTrailers chose Call of Duty 4. "The authenticity on display here is to be commended, getting you as close as you can possibly be to something that far braver people experience--without the risk."
  • GameSpot chose Call of Duty 4. "Modern Warfare is now the benchmark against which all console shooters will be judged, and we're not expecting it to be bettered anytime soon."
  • GameSpy chose Call of Duty 4. "A game that hit every target it aimed for, from its gripping single-player campaign to the ridiculously addictive I've-almost-got-enough-XP-for-that-cool-gun multiplayer."
  • IGN chose Uncharted. "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune serves as the culmination of fun gameplay, an immersive story, stunning graphics, superb sound and characters you can connect with."
Looks like the critical mass agreed with us on the incredible power of Call of Duty 4. Did you enjoy the game as much as we did?

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