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Rumor: Psyclone Wiimote recharger de-charges Wiimotes permanently


If you're looking for a cheap, simple way to recharge your Wiimote, it would appear that Psyclone's Nintendo Wii Recharge Station is not it. While it may look like a convenient battery recharging system, its primary function actually seems to be irreversibly destroying Wii controllers. If that's what you're looking for, you could just smash the things with your shoe and save some money.

According to most of the Amazon reviewers who turned in low ratings, the thing doesn't know when to stop charging its batteries, causing it to overheat and fry the attached remote. Reports of "incredibly hot" Wiimotes, "burn marks," and "killed Wii Motes" are widespread (among Amazon reviewers), lending us enough reason to avoid the product, especially with non-destructive alternatives on the market.

Amusingly, Amazon sellers seem to be trying to capitalize on the sudden notoriety of the product. Two Marketplace sellers are offering Wii Recharge Stations starting at $174.44.

[Via Game|Life]

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