Netflix developing movie set-top-box with LG

This one's just coming across the wires, but apparently, Netflix is actually developing a movie set-top-box with LG Electronics. If you'll recall, there was quite a buzz surrounding such a device years back, but rumblings had remained largely dormant until a few months back. Slated to launch sometime in Q2, the networked player would purportedly allow owners to stream in movies for viewing on their television, and it's being reported that the feature would be "included in all of its various price plans... at no extra charge." Pricing deets on the LG device have yet to be disclosed, but we're told that the firm could "embed the receiver into its $799 dual-DVD player [likely the BH200]." According to Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings, the LG partnership will hopefully be "the first of many such deals" for the company, and he added that he'd love to "see a hundred Netflix-capable boxes," suggesting that there could be deals struck with internet-connected gaming consoles as well as cable / satellite providers. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for further details.