Memorex intros SimpleSave DVDs to "simplify" backups

Considering the plethora of one-touch backup drives currently hogging space on store shelves everywhere, we're not exactly sure the general public needs yet another option for "simplifying" the process. Particularly one that sounds this awful. Apparently, Memorex is gearing up to ship its SimpleSave DVDs, which automatically installs and fetches documents when loaded into one's PC and subsequently writes those files to the disc for archiving. From what we can tell, these aren't DVD-RWs -- which would at least make this alternative mildly palatable -- and obviously won't allow customers to keep daily backups unless they don't mind filling up their guest room with optical media. Nevertheless, those who do fall for this can snag a five-pack for $12.99 or a three-pack for $9.99 when they launch in April, but go on and warn your susceptible loved ones to steer clear.