Panasonic's Lifewall plasma: the biggest thing to be announced at CES

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.06.08

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So we embarked upon an epic quest in search of the mythical, rumored 150-inch Panasonic plasma -- and what we came across in the still-under-construction Panasonic booth really wasn't at all hard to spot. It was also possibly the most well guarded thing we saw in any of the pre-CES halls, kept under close watch by multiple guards, a half dozen contractors, and obscured by a curtain, a plastic drape, and huge white panels; there was simply no way to get a full-on shot of this behemoth's screen. But we did manage a spy a shot of the rear, and from evidence gathered on site, we discovered what we believe to be the beast's name: Lifewall. Search though we might, we simply could not find any numerical evidence that the Lifewall plasma is the full rumored 150-inches. But let's put it this way. It's the most friggin' enormous screen we've ever laid eyes on -- even sight unseen.

Update: We're getting word that this thing may not actually be called the Lifewall -- instead, that term may refer to a wall-like TV system with facial and motion detection, gesture input, and perspective-based UIs. Still, doesn't change the fact that that's a big ass TV.

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