Hands-on with Motorola DCX series MPEG-4 cable STB

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Richard Lawler
January 7th, 2008
In this article: CES, dcx, moca, motorola, mpeg-4, ocap, stb
Hands-on with Motorola DCX series MPEG-4 cable STB
We got a chance to touch Motorola's sexy new 250GB DCX series MPEG-4 / Dolby Digital Plus / MoCa / OCAP cable STB tonight. You already know the important information so we'll get you to the in the wild pics without much ado other than a quick recap of what ports the promo unit was sporting on its "not available for photographs" backside: HDMI, USB, eSATA, component, digital audio out (S/PDIF and coax), 1394, ethernet, M-Card.
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