The Joystiq Weekend: January 5 - 7, 2008

Ross Miller
R. Miller|01.08.08

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Ross Miller
January 8th, 2008
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The Joystiq Weekend: January 5 - 7, 2008
This weekend's Family Circus strip was not included in this week's webcomic wrapup, but it's definitely worth noting for just how much the Nintendo Wii has hit the mainstream audience. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

Bill Gates: live at his final CES keynote
Today's most political video and game: Kung-Fu Election
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup resets for the new year

Stargate Worlds trailer offers chance for eternal fame
Microsoft faces class action lawsuit due to Xbox Live outages
HD DVD group cancels pre-CES press conference
Japanese Smash Bros. commercials tease its nearing release
Gory MMO coming to the states in early '08
Guinness book of gaming records coming in February
College football players train on custom EA Sports simulator
Slim PSP to get Skype functionality late January
Sony boasts PlayStation holiday sales numbers
ABC Television and MGM brings HD content to Xbox Marketplace
UK telecom company BT Group first to use Xbox 360 as set-top box
GPS for Sony PSP coming to US
New games this week: Harvey Birdman edition
Iron Chef game listed, then pulled
Star Tropics, King of Fighters '94 arrive on Virtual Console
PSP Dragon's Lair game needs publisher
Postal devs lay Person of the Year award at Tallarico's feet
BioWare, Pandemic creating 10 new franchises for EA
LittleBigPlanet coming in September
This Wednesday: Omega Five, Tron get digitized, sucked into Xbox Live
ock Band Weekly: Iron Maiden, The Hives, Stone Temple Pilots
CES 2008: Lode Runner coming to XBLA
No More Heroes bumped up to Jan. 22
SOE teams with Gamebryo for PSN game shows
Devil May Cry 4 for PS3 gets achievements, required installation
CES 2008: New titles join Games for Windows portfolio
Wisconsin politician proposes 1% tax on video games
Sierra's Prototype is first game with Neural-THX 7.1 surround sound
Sony's new $300, 16GB Memory Stick
Nyko offering plethora of peripherals in early '08
ESRB lists Street Fighter Alpha for PlayStation 3, PSP
Wii outsold PS3 3-to-1 in Japan during '07; Xbox pens memoir on neglect
Skype skipping original PSP due to memory limitations
MS memo: Xbox 360 to have 'biggest year in video game history,' XBL surpasses 10m users
Fable 2, Alan Wake and more confirmed for 2008

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Microsoft working on first party sequel for next Xbox console
Trade group: Game industry growth to slow in '08

Culture & Community
Conan eases writers strike boredom with Rock Band
How-To: Share your computer's internet with the Xbox
UK tabloid reports that the Queen loves the Wii
Despite Guitar Hero skills, Bill Gates can't join U2
Guitar Hero champ plays Guns n' Roses song with Slash on real guitar
Top 25 pop-u-lar Xbox gamertags
Warren Spector wishes he'd made The Golden Compass
Long-time freelancer leaves Gamespot over Gerstmann-gate
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