Surprise! Age of Conan Collector's Edition revealed to be monstrous

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|01.10.08

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Surprise! Age of Conan Collector's Edition revealed to be monstrous

So are you the type of person who simply loves special editions of anything? Do you pine for leather-bound bits in all their bountiful beauty? Well then FunCom has quite the surprise for you with their monster of a Collector's Edition for Age of Conan. Details were revealed today by Ten Ton Hammer.

Not satisfied with a simple "ten dollars more edition", the makers of Age of Conan have gone above and beyond the call of collector's duty.

That's right, you'll be getting a metal embossed cover, an actual poem written by none other than Robert E. Howard, a 128-page art book, of course a soundtrack, a "professionally crafted" leather map of Hyboria, the standard bonus DVD with various footage and five buddy keys which we assume can be used to get your friends in on the head-lopping action. Still not satisfied? Well apparently neither was FunCom, because you also get two in-game items. The Ring of Asheron gives you a 2% Experience Modifier and 3% Stamina Regeneration. Meanwhile, equipping The Drinking Cape gets you free drinks for life.

Now remember, getting drunk lets you start bar fights -- so that means bar fights to your heart's content! We're pretty much sold on this thing now, even if it's clocking in at a whopping $89.95 at retail.
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