The iPhone's storied journey from Steve's brain to your hand

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Christopher Grant
January 10th, 2008
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The iPhone's storied journey from Steve's brain to your hand

Come, reader. Take a step into our very special Engadget Blog Archive 2000™ device, watch as we wave our fingers through the air and say, "Doo-do-dodo, doo-do-dodo," and think back to this time last year when industry conferences CES and MacWorld overlapped, overworked (and heavily caffeinated) tech writers tripped over themselves to cover both, and Apple introduced a little product called the iPhone. Wired's got a look at the development of the groundbreaking handset and, though most of this may be a rehash for our gadget-savvy readers, there are some interesting moments documented in the piece: The chronology of the failed Motorola ROKR; the porting of OS X to the iPhone (which didn't start until early 2006); and the year Apple engineers spent working on a tablet PC, whose tech was obviously rolled into the iPhone's multitouch display. It's worth a stroll down the tattered corridors of your memory before El-Jobso's Macworld keynote next week.
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