Old-school FTP gets souped up: Interarchy 9

Brett Terpstra
B. Terpstra|01.11.08

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Brett Terpstra
January 11th, 2008
Old-school FTP gets souped up: Interarchy 9

Interarchy 9, Nolobe's FTP application, is out Friday 1/11 with over 100 new features. We've covered Interarchy in the past, in part because of its old-school cred, but this release has some new-school polish.

In addition to the existing support for the usual protocols and Amazon S3 transfers, version 9 adds a new protocol built on SSH that offers security, speed and flexibility beyond the limitations of SFTP. The protocol is perl-based and should work with any server running perl v4 or later. I'm also happy to see the addition of a Finder-style path bar which accepts dropped files on any part of the path. Some other highlights from the extensive release notes include:

  • Major upgrades to tab functionality
  • A multi-function sidebar for easy access to, well, everything
  • "Copy Public URL"
  • "Preview in Safari" support added
  • Path Finder support
  • Sparkle updates
Interarchy 9 will retail at $59, but is available at a $39 introductory price until March 1st. Even with the discount, it still comes in higher than most of its commercial competitors. There is a fully functioning demo you can use to test it against your current solution and see if the hype stacks up to the price.

Of course, if Interarchy is your current solution, upgrades are $29 and free for anyone who purchased Interarchy on or after February 1st, 2007.
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