CES 2008: The best of LCD HDTVs

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CES 2008: The best of LCD HDTVs
Whether plasma is back, or never left is up for argument, but don't think LCD took CES 2008 sitting down. Vizio upgraded the specs on its bargain LCDs, and even Panasonic showed some love. PDP prototypes might have been bigger and skinnier, but 2008 is the year we'll actually be able to buy a 108-inch LCD from Sharp, a 1.5-inch thin screen from Hitachi, or even a Quad HD panel from Westinghouse.

Sharp pushes out more Aquos LCDs
Sony refreshes Bravia line with 17 new models, Digital Media Extender
Philips' new LCD lineup continues to not impress
Sharp promises to bring its 108-inch LCD to market in '08
Samsung intros new 1080p LCD HDTVs, Ethernet / interactivity included
Panasonic reveals five new LCD HDTVs at CES
Sharp launches 32-inch LC-32GP3U LCD at gamers
LG takes thin to the next level with the 1.7-inch LGX LCD HDTV
Toshiba announces slew of LCDs for 2008: hands-on and video
Vizio's new Evolution Series LCD HDTVs
Vizio announces stylish Envy LCD HDTV lineup
Vizio intros Black Tie LCD lineup with 120Hz, MEMC technology
Vizio intros Jive surround for LCDs
JVC P-Series LCD line rocks iPod docks
JVC intros 42-inch LT-42SL89 / 46-inch LT-46SL89 LCD HDTVs
Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 LCD lineup headed for CES
Eyes-on with Westinghouse's Quad HD displays
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