CES 2008: The best of Plasma HDTVs

Steven Kim
S. Kim|01.12.08

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Steven Kim
January 12th, 2008
CES 2008: The best of Plasma HDTVs
CES 2008: The best of Plasma HDTVs
Based on what we saw at CES, the future is promising indeed for LCD. But don't think for a minute that plasma is done in the eyes of manufacturers or consumers -- PDPs have a rosy outlook as well. The Pioneer extreme contrast demo left all of our jaws on the floor, and we can't wait to see this technology trickle out of the labs and onto the shelves. The Panasonic 150-inch plasma had a similar effect on passers-by. Pioneer also showed off the 9-mm thick Kuro concept just to show that plasma can do the beauty thing, too.

Panasonic revamps its plasma lineup
Vizio cranks out new plasma lineup
Hands-on with Pioneer's extreme contrast concept plasma
Hands-off with Panasonic's 150-inch behemoth
Hands-on with the Pioneer 9mm-thick Kuro plasma
Samsung reveals PN58A750T, PN42A450P and PN50A550S plasma lineups
The 2008 LG Plasma lineup
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