US cut of the HTC S730 makes the FCC's cut

If you're looking for a multitalented Windows Mobile 6 Standard handset, the follow-on to the nifty S710 Vox from HTC, the S730, is a fine device -- it really is. Only one problem, though: in its current iteration, European 3G is the one and only name of the game. That kinda took us by surprise when we first heard it since HTC's announcement of the S730 promised "worldwide 3G." What they didn't make clear is that the promise would be delivered in the form of two separate models. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the "WING200" -- an homage to the S730's "Wings" codename -- bearing support for US HSDPA on the 850 and 1900MHz bands. No mention of the S730 name is made anywhere in the documentation, but the rear end that we see here clearly resembles the S730's hindquarters, so we're pretty well convinced. Only thing left then is for HTC to start selling this thing, eh?