Cheyenne Mountain opens the Stargate for IGN

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Cheyenne Mountain opens the Stargate for IGN

In a new (and very lengthy) interview with IGN, the guys at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (Chris Klug, Dan Elggren, and Howard Lyon) keep the PR machine rolling with more new info about their upcoming sci-fi MMO, Stargate Worlds. It's a fantastic read that includes some very intriguing nuggets 'o knowledge.

  • Over the course of the game players will acquire many gate addresses (which are required to travel to other worlds via the Stargate) in various ways -- sometimes via quests (either as a reward or given when a player first gets a quest), and some are just given automatically.
  • Each archetype starts out in different location and gets a short solo experience to help define who their character is. CME does this to bring all players (not just hardcore TV series viewers) up to speed with Stargate lore, as well as being able to walk them through the game play mechanics.
  • PvP will have a staggered launch. Events and battlegrounds will be brought in slowly as the game matures. Some servers will be PvP only, and it will eventually have "world PvP" as well. According to Klug, players will enter queues to join staged battlegrounds with certain win/loss conditions. These battlegrounds will be military-styled battles rather than open melee (ala WoW).

Perhaps one of the more reassuring statements (for me) came during questions regarding how the shows story was implemented into the game and how it was going to be presented. Dan Elggren said that one of the biggest hurdles for them was figuring out how to tell the story without players having to read the story via text. Chris Klug followed by saying that players will in fact be doing things during the missions that reveal the greater story instead of having it told via boring NPCs.

I'm a writer, and one of the major tenants of writing fiction is show, don't tell. Thankfully, that seems to be exactly what the CME crew is doing.
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