SACD and DVD-A don't deliver "perfect-er sound forever"

Steven Kim
S. Kim|01.21.08

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Steven Kim
January 21st, 2008
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SACD and DVD-A don't deliver "perfect-er sound forever"
SACD and DVD-A don't deliver
The Red Book audio format used by CDs isn't improved upon by either SACD or DVD-A formats, it turns out. Extensive double-blind listening tests conducted by E. Brad Meyer and David R. Moran have shown that the old 16-bit, 44.1-kHz standard does not degrade the sound quality of either of the newer formats. The study, which took over a year to conduct, showed that the stereo analog output from a high-end SACD/DVD-A player showed no audible change when subjected to additional processing down to Red Book format. Now before you have a van Gogh-style freakout and cut off your audiophile-approved golden ears, that isn't to say that the DVD-A and SACD discs didn't sound better than the same title on CD. Give credit to the higher production values given to the SACD and DVD-A releases, though, not the formats themselves.

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