Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Samsung BlackJack hits today

After having given its newer BlackJack II cousin plenty of breathing room in the WinMo 6 spotlight, Samsung's finally doubling back to bring the original up to spec. No, seriously: as of 5PM Eastern Time today, you'll be able to hit the attached link and download Windows Mobile 6 (an official ROM, finally) for your old-skool BlackJack in all its glory. For folks not in need of the II's GPS, the upgrade should breathe new life into a handset that still holds its own in the smartphone pack, and for some time now, has been just one small upgrade away from avoiding the proverbial glue factory. Let us know how it goes, updaters!

Note: Prior to 5PM EST, you'll be redirected to an old Windows Mobile 5 update for the phone. Hang tight, folks!