Samsung's BlackJack II outed as the i617

Don't worry BlackJack fans, Samsung does indeed seem to have a true BlackJack II successor in the works for you, unlike that stylus-based i780 pretender to the throne. Turns out the i617 -- which we saw pass the FCC yesterday -- will be doing the honors, but unfortunately it's not terribly clear what those honors will be. AT&T is a lock, thanks to the HSDPA 850 / 1900, and of course Windows Mobile 6 will be the main attraction, but there's no confirmation of WiFi or any other notable hardware upgrades just yet other than a bump to 2 megapixels from the original's 1.3. As for looks, we'll let you make up your own mind, but the design isn't much of a departure -- there's still a back hump -- but everything is considerably more shiny this time around. No word on price or availability. There's a shot of the back after the break.

[Via Mobile Phones Reviews and Tips]