Another weird direction for Evangelion

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JC Fletcher
January 25th, 2008
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Another weird direction for Evangelion
The last Evangelion game to be announced for the DS was a cute minigame collection based on an SD comedy spinoff of the series, taking the characters out of the world-saving storyline and putting all the characters together in an elementary school. The next game using the license, then, must be the real one, some kind of robot-filled RPG that retells the epic storyline of the anime and manga, right? Or, like, a big robot fighting game?

Nope! It's pachinko. A PS2 pachinko port, to be precise. Hisshou Pachinko/Pachislot Series 1: Shinseiki Evangelion - Magokoro wo, Kimi ni debuted as a pachislot machine, then was released by D3 as a PS2 game in September. It may seem like a miss to people who want substantial Eva games, but this is probably going to sell.
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