Sony intros the makeup-inducing PCS-XG80 1080i video conferencing system

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|01.30.08

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The kind, loving folks over at Sony claim that they're about to explode the video conferencing market wide open -- HD style -- and we've got front row seats to the festivities. According to the electronics-maker, the PCS-XG80 is the industry's first 1080i, HD conferencing solution, and will provide dual streaming, 30 FPS performance over IP or ISDN connections. The system is backwards-compatible with its older SD setups, and we assume it plays nice with the behemoth's earlier HD effort, the PCS-HG90 -- though you might want to double check on that before dropping the $8,999 that the company is asking for the system. Finally, you can really see just how ugly the home office is.
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