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Stootsi offering 360 Messenger Kit for $15 [update]

Dustin Burg
Dustin Burg|February 5, 2008 2:30 PM
Update: Going once, going twice ... sold out!

If you're in the market for a super nifty chatpad text input device for your 360 (one piece of the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit), then look no further than Stootsi. Available right this very moment until they're gone are open boxed Messenger Kits for the rock bottom price of $14.99, which works out to be 1/2 off retail. Though, one has to account for the rather high $6 shipping charge they tack on. Stootsi. Xbox 360 Messenger Kit. Under retail. Buy if you want. Okay? Awesome.

[Thanks, PreacherMan23]