Death, Jr. 2 takes root on Wii

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|02.13.08

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Death, Jr. 2 takes root on Wii

The annoyingly punctuated Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil will be making the leap from PSP to Wii this spring, complete with a bunch of stuff that should come as standard in the Wii version of a PSP-to-Wii port more polygons, higher-resolution textures, more voice acting, better pacing, splitscreen play for co-op, and an improved user interface. The game's score on Metacritic doesn't exactly leave us bursting with hope, but hey, we wrapped up Super Mario Galaxy a while ago, and could do with another platformer to sink our teeth into.

Speaking of Galaxy, here's Death, Jr. 2 producer James Stanley talking up the game to 1UP: "It's definitely one of the better looking Wii titles. I'd say 'best' but we might get in a battle with some Mario fans." Check out more screens past the break and tell us if you agree with him.

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