PlayStation 3 leapfrogs Xbox 360 in January US console sales

Hmmph. Would you look at that? Nary a fortnight after EA proclaimed that Sony's PlayStation 3 would best the Xbox 360 in sales during 2008, said prophecy is already starting to come true. Granted, we're only talking one month so far, but according to new US sales data from NPD Group, Microsoft's console actually slipped to third in the numbers race. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo's darling took home the gold (again) with 274,000 units sold in January, while the PS3 slipped in just 5,000 units below with 269,000. As for Redmond, it only moved 230,000 units last month, but spokesman David Dennis boldly stated that the firm believes its third-place finish to be "an anomaly." Considering that the Grim Reaper is well on its way to claiming the life of the 360s HD DVD add-on while Sony relishes the decision to cram BD drives within the PS3, we're not so sure these figures won't become a trend.

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