Total Wii sales surpass the Xbox 360 worldwide?

The idea of Wii sales passing up the Xbox 360 has seemed almost inevitable in the past months, as its motion-sensing gameplay and lovable pricetag have found plenty of fans in the Americas, Europe and especially in the Wii's native Japan. So far no official numbers have hit that have the Wii past its Microsoft rival, but's own homebrew numbers, gleaned from retailers worldwide, project the Wii is slightly ahead at 10.57 million consoles sold, compared to the 360's 10.51 million. These numbers are meant to project consoles sold, not consoles shipped, which gives the sold out Wii a slight edge. There's no telling when we'll get official numbers to know all this for sure, and the 360 still has a comfortable lead over the Wii in both Europe and the States, but it's looking like we'll have a new market leader in town soon enough.

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