Power Up - educational game from IBM

Eloise Pasteur
E. Pasteur|02.16.08

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Power Up - educational game from IBM
Power UpIt's hard to be sure how to file an article about Power Up - particularly since I can't actually play it, it's a windows only game. But, from what I can determine it seems to be a multi-player game, it's role-playing, and it's aimed at energy conservation and ecological education. There are sections available for teachers and parents as well as fun mission briefings and the promise of more to come during the year.

In some ways this game strikes me as a retrograde step: rather than using something like Active Worlds or Second Life which many regard as Web 2.0 since there are tools for content creation and sharing, we have a very focussed programme that teaches one thing and only that one thing. All the content is provided in a Web 1.0 fashion: by IBM, TryScience and the NY Hall of Science rather than allowing the users to create for themselves. However, we wish it well and will try to keep an eye on it for you.

[Via: Virtual Worlds News]
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