J.D. Power finds Blu bandwagon already full of salespeople

Steven Kim
S. Kim|02.17.08

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J.D. Power finds Blu bandwagon already full of salespeople
JD Power Blu-rayWhile this week's Blu-ray announcements from Best Buy and Wal Mart were big news, a study by J.D. Power and Associates shows that HD-peddlers across the retail landscape made the move to Blu back in January. Like a fleet of automatons, mystery shoppers sent into the field posed as new HDTV owners who were looking for a nameless dedicated HDM player. They reported back with numbers showing a decidedly Blu sales force: 25-percent didn't recommend one HDM format over the other and 67-percent recommended Blu-ray, leaving less than 10-percent sticking up for HD DVD. But the hits keep on coming: not a single HD DVD recommendation came from Best Buy and not a single salesperson suggested HD DVD would become the dominant format. Sorry, HD DVD; we may have just put you on deathwatch this week, but salespeople have had you in repose for quite a bit longer, it seems.

[Via FormatWarCentral]
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