ICED makes game out of Immigration debate

A new free download game for PC and Mac looks to inform people of US immigration practices targeting legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, students and undocumented immigrants. GameDaily explains that ICED (I Can End Deportation), by international human rights organization Breakthough, seeks to give players another perspective on the immigration debate. Playing as one of five characters with different backgrounds the player can end up being deported, incarcerated, voluntarily deported or become a citizen.

The game's designer, Heidi Boisvert, says the game was created to show people what happens to thousands of immigrants on a daily basis. She hopes that people will become more aware of the scope of the situation through the game and take action. The download is less than 100 MB and takes 15-45 minutes to play. At least this game is a little more sensitive and culturally relevant than Border Patrol.