GDC08: Six things to take from Game Developers Rant: Wonderful!

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.23.08

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Ross Miller
February 23rd, 2008
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GDC08: Six things to take from Game Developers Rant: Wonderful!


Daniel James (Three Rings) is up last. We're not sure his part accounts for a rant, but it's interesting nonetheless. James' accompanying slides consisted of a number of interjections.
  • NICE! -- "Isn't GDC wonderful?"
  • BRILLIANT! -- He used to play with LEGOs as a kid, and now you can share that love with the LEGO MMO.
  • FANTASTIC! -- He used to played 1984's Elite on the computer, and now you can share and play together with EVE Online.
  • WTF ... err ... AMAZING -- Similar to the above, the evolution from "You stood on a narrow road between land whence you came" (MUD). Now there's 10 million people that do it in World of Warcraft.
  • TOTALLY. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. -- The sea change he noted after having dinner with the creator of Facebook.
Although without a direct interjection, James told a story that he got a letter the other day from a grandmother, who said her grandchildren showed her Puzzle Pirates and now she plays it with them online every night. She used to just watch TV every night. We'll add a more subtle "sweet" to that story. Back to interjections.
  • WONDERFUL! -- The domination of television and that story.
And now, he said, he's going to go get very, very, very drunk.

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