Verizon wisely renames the Samsung U940 to "Glyde"

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.25.08

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Verizon wisely renames the Samsung U940 to "Glyde"
We're delighted to report that the Q-Ball name didn't stick around very long for the upcoming Samsung U940 on Verizon; it's now the far more reasonable-sounding "Glyde" (truth be told, it was probably an internal codename all along, but we're issuing a hearty "whew!" nonetheless). The high-end QWERTY handset is currently targeted for late March; we all know how internal launch dates go, but we're trying to stay positive with this one. On a somewhat unrelated note, it turns out that the Motorola Q9c -- a more buttoned-up form of the Q9m, currently available on Sprint -- is still in Verizon's sights, though at this point, the darned thing is running the risk of launching itself right into irrelevancy.

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