Sony introduces a pantyhose colored PSP, L'eggs-ellent

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|03.04.08

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Look, we understand that different people have different tastes, but bronze and gold gadgets have have always been a novelty and never sold that well -- so we're totally confused by Sony's decision to release a limited-edition "matte bronze" PSP. That's right, it's not even shiny, it's basically beige -- like, aggressive, 1950s-kitchen beige. Only 60,000 of these abominations are set to be released in Japan, for ¥23,800 ($230), and the bundle includes a TV-out cable for the first time. Of course, we recommend that you pop the extra $29 or whatever to pick up that cable separately and buy a PSP that doesn't immediately call to mind the phrase "nude hose," but if you gotta do it, we'll still be here for you. Just, you know, not when anyone else can see us around that thing.
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