Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine officially cooked up for Wii, DS

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|03.10.08

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Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine officially cooked up for Wii, DS

After making a brief appearance on Gamestop's website before being summarily pulled down, Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine has been officially announced, confirming that Wii and DS owners will soon be able to decide whose cuisine reigns supreme. The game is being developed by Black Lantern Studios, a company whose catalog is rife with shovelware, making it a logical partner for publisher Destineer.

Few details about the game are currently known, other than it will feature "a series of fast-paced and intense culinary challenges," and that players will compete in Kitchen Stadium to become the next Iron Chef.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine will also include the likeness of show host Mark Dacascos, who replaced the original pepper-eating (not to mention snappily dressing) Takeshi Kaga. As much as we'd like to get behind the idea of waving our arms in the air in order to make squid ink ice creme or rabbit kidney stew, we're disappointed that the game will be based on Iron Chef's North American incarnation instead of the original, albeit more absurd Japanese original. Nevertheless -- Allez Cuisine!

Check out the game's teaser video after the break.
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