Reader WoWspace: Violetly

As promised earlier, we've brought the sexy back of Reader WoWspace of the Week, just in time for you to enjoy on downtime Tuesday. (Although we make no guarantees about consistent amount of sexy....) This week's submission comes from Violetly, level 70 Blood Elf priest on Mal'Ganis who somehow has managed to show up in the armory twice. Violetly's chief complaint is that we're not doing enough justice to the girly WoWspaces out there -- so she did her duty and sent hers in for us to enjoy! Violetly writes:

I have long felt it is my duty to provide WoW Insider with a much needed "girly" WoWspace, so here we are ladies and gentlemen. I have been playing WoW since 2005, first leveling an Alliance hunter to 60 before crossing over to the Horde with the arrival of BC. Violetly has always been PvE shadow for raiding. However, after returning to school to pursue a Master's degree in education, my raiding came to a screeching halt; so to spice things up, I recently switched to PvP discipline. I'm finding discipline to be very entertaining and equally as frustrating for my opponents (even in my welfare epics)!

For more details on this great girly WoWspace, (and another picture with moar fuzzy cat) read on after the break!

As for my space, the paint color is Grape Vine. Hovering above is my degree and a picture of my younger brother and sister. And who doesn't need a sparklly lamp?! My WoW Year of Gear calendar sits opposite a picture of my husband and me on our first date. All the books and papers are homework related (boring!).

My computer is a Dell Dimension E510 with some upgrades. It's a couple years old and still works great. I like to tape fortunes from fortune cookies to my monitor. I'm behind with 10 more to put up. My mouse is a Razer. (Shh! I don't care what you think about Razers; they glow and that's cool!) My keyboard keeps me ergonomic, whatever that really means. My chiller cup is constantly being refilled with water, often by my hubby who is sweet enough to help me out during intense PvP. And my space wouldn't truly be a "girlie" WoWspace if it wasn't complete with a resplendently fat and fluffy cat named Mollie!

Looks like the perfect place for a Master's student to relax and get their game on; fluffy cat to keep you company, awesome husband to bring you a drink, and a comfy space to destroy the other faction in. Now that's what we call living!

Hey you, with the WoWspace! Yes, even you with the one currently buried in cheeto dust and Mountain Dew cans. You have WoWspaces, and we wanna see 'em. Take a few snaps, write up a few paragraphs on what makes your WoWspace cool and unique, and email 'em to us at readerwowspace AT gmail DOT com. You know you want to!