New UI woes

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.22.08

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New UI woes
I have a confession: I've been mostly using the basic, vanilla UI for as long as I have been playing WoW. I do use mods, I'm not crazy, but the basic unit frames and action bars have served me pretty well.

It's not that I dislike custom UIs, or even that I do like the basic UI. The base interface has done its job, from level 1 in Northshire Abbey to level 70 standing on top of Illidan's corpse. It took that Illidan kill to make me realize that I did it the entire way using a supposedly inferior UI. I could do so much more! I could streamline everything, I could open up space on my screen, remove unnecessary information, enhance the necessary stuff...

Wow, this has turned out to be quite a task. My experience with these things is minimal, and I'm not always the most organized person in the world so I couldn't make myself a proper layout if I tried. Even worse is I need to redesign my UI on all of my characters because they all use different things. What's important to my Shadow Priest isn't important to my Protection Paladin, and what's important to her isn't important to my Rogue.

I picked up PitBull and Bartender for my UI needs, and they're somewhere between "amazingly useful and simple" and "so customizable that my head wants to explode." They're good and all, but I almost feel empty without the UI I've been looking at for years now. I sort of miss the Warcraftian decor around the action bars and unit frames, but I'm sure that if I hang in there I'll adjust. What's worse is I'm not used to my buttons being where they are, so my fingers fumble hitting my hotkeys simply because the buttons don't look like they are what they used to be, even if they are.

It's a strange experience, the game I've played since 2004 seems rather foreign though the the game itself wasn't changed by my new UI. I may yet go back to the Blizzard UI or just try something more simplistic. Any recommendations, suggestions? Maybe any other raiders that use the base interface so I don't feel like such a darn scrub?
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